East to West

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The stark differences between NYC and LA are impossible not to notice when I go from one to the other. I love NYC - its energy, its HEIGHT, its diversity. I love seeing so many people moving with such purpose, as if to say, "Don't bother coming here without dreams." Those dreams propel people into action - have them walking down 5th Avenue, briefcase or portfolio in hand, on their way to the #12 item on their to do list. In LA the energy is so very different, and everyone gets where they need to go in their cars, so much of people's time is spent alone, in their automobiles, on the cell phone and very often running late because of traffic, which rarely puts people in a good mood. NYC does not have the steady weather we get to enjoy out here, but when the days are perfect there is no place better to be - blue skies, light breezes and outdoor cafes packed with people-watchers, iced teas twinkling in the sunlight.

I actually feel more at ease in NYC than I do in LA. LA has much to offer, but I do not find it a particularly easy place to exist in day-to-day. I despise driving anywhere and I'll never get used to underground parking garages for grocery stores. Being consumed by the film & entertainment industry, it is also a town that places a great deal of importance on looks, on brands, on who you know and what clubs you go to. I do not mean to be down on LA, it is just a very unusual place, and I am still not quite sure where I fit in here. I still feel slightly lost and ungrounded here.

Perhaps I need to keep a little bit of NYC with me out here - to bring that purposeful energy back into my life, as it has been somewhat diminished being immersed in this town with its laid-back, easy-breezy attitude. To wake up each day, goals in hand, and work harder to stay focused on what needs to get done to get those goals accomplished. To bring a little NYC to this tiny part of LA where I live, a short walk from Venice Boardwalk, Muscle Beach and a huge wall mural with quote about following your dreams by Rumi.

Thank you, NYC, for encouraging me to go further, try harder and be better.