For a number of interesting and even bizarre reasons, I have recently been faced with one simple question repeatedly: What is enough?  There are many ways to approach this question - from an issue of family, friends, home, finances and other material wealth, and even health.  There are also different labels we can attach to "enough":  do we define enough based on what makes us feel safe or what makes us feel successful?  Is creating "enough" for ourselves about career goals or childhood traumas?  So many factors come into play; so much baggage clings to the question like old gum on the bottom of one's shoe. In observing various situations I have seen how out of control something like greed can get when people lose sight of two very important questions:  What is enough? and What are my priorities in life?  I think approaching the "what is enough" question easily ventures into dangerous territory when the question of priorities is ignored.  I also believe that one ought to consider the fact that a significant population of this planet lives without food, basic health care, a home of their own or any hope of making whatever dreams they may have for themselves or their children come true.  In some ways I feel fortunate to have witnessed certain situations, in that they have inspired me to work as hard as I can to get crystal clear on my priorities and what is really enough.  In other ways I am disheartened to have seen a certain side of the world that is truly ugly - a side of humanity where everyone runs towards the worst case scenario, assumes the worst of the person in front of them and refuses to give or receive any level of trust or respect.  In some situations I have had to resist not making these assumptions myself, and do whatever I can to turn back towards trusting that all will work out and standing firm in my own values.

I am not perfect.  I do not have any clear answers.  But I do believe it is imperative we do not lose sight of our priorities, and that by understanding what those are, we can answer the question of what is enough with greater clarity, rationality and integrity.  Not only that, but I believe it enables us to rest easier within each and every moment.  For example, at this very moment there are certain areas of my life that are not exactly where I want them to be, but this moment in and of itself is just fine.  I am in my own home.  I have just eaten a wonderful breakfast cooked for me by the man I love.  I have had a cold all week but am feeling better, and today I will be able to rest with movies and magazines.  Right now there is nothing I need - right now I have enough.

"Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put forth a clear enough request, and everything your heart desires must come to you."  -Gandhi