Farewell to Tokyo

{Posted from Tokyo, Japan} Yesterday was a fairly mellow day.  I spent the morning and early afternoon strolling around the Ginza.  I explored a nine-story department store called Matsuya and purchased a few gifts.  I ate lunch on the second floor of a little place on the corner of the main intersection in the area, so I got to enjoy watching the people criss-crossing and scurrying about.  It was a hot, sunny day, and a good portion of the crowd was carrying an umbrella.  This makes so much sense - why hasn't the States adopted this?

I also went through another big department store called Takashimaya, where they have a huge section devoted solely to kimonos.  There were bolts of fabric everywhere, shoes, hair accessories and purses, all for this formal Japanese wear.  It was quite fascinating.  I was tempted to try to take some covert pictures, but figured if it looked like I was reaching suspiciously into my purse they might think I was shoplifting.  I was also content just observing and soaking it all in rather than trying to record it as well.  Sometimes I like just allowing the images and experiences to exist in my mind.

I have all morning and early afternoon to explore this part of the city a bit more, and then it will be time to fly across the Pacific.  There is much more to write about, and I look forward to sharing more.