Tokyo to LA

My last day in Tokyo was another fun day of exploring.  We went to Akihabara, which is known as the "Electronic City".  It is where all the computer and techno-geeks go to find the latest and greatest.  I loved seeing all of the Apple Computer displays, and in one store there was an entire wall of nothing but headphones.  I got a new digital camera, which I am very excited about.  I love my camera, but it is three years old and therefore ancient in terms of technology, and I was eager for a macro lens and a faster shutter speed.  It will be fun learning how to use the new one. I am now back home in LA, and the jet lag is brutal.  We left about 5:00pm Tokyo time on the 16th, and arrived about noon the same day in LA.  I napped a bit yesterday afternoon, and then today slept until almost noon.  Even then it was hard to get up - I am sure I could have continued to sleep for another few hours.  I have felt pretty spacy all afternoon, but trying to do stuff around the house in order to keep myself moving and therefore awake.  It will be interesting to see how many days it takes me to get my internal clock back to normal.

Last night we watched Lost in Translation, which was especially fun to see this time since we just got home from Tokyo.  The film does a great job at capturing a lot of the little details that are unique to Tokyo.  If you are curious to get a better glimpse into my experience there, check it out.

I know it will take me a long to time to filter through everything I saw and experienced on this trip.  I am eager to create some larger collage pieces about the trip and do a lot more writing about it.  I have always been passionate about travel - it is a close second to my art - but this trip in particular opened my eyes in an entirely new way to all there is to see around the globe.  Making my way around Tokyo also boosted my confidence a bit more, and has given me a lot of useful tools for future travels.  No matter where you go, any trip to a new place changes you.  You might not come back an entirely different person, but you come back with a perspective on the world and yourself that you did not have before.  Perhaps you discover you are braver than you thought you were, or maybe more fearful in certain ways.  Whatever it is, each journey shapes who you are, and who you will be on the next one.

[Click here to view my last photos from Tokyo.  Three new sets uploaded today.  Enjoy!]