[gallery columns="1"] {For my grandma} "The most profound experiences of my life have the cumulative effect of making me accept death as another part of this trajectory whose vertiginous curve we follow without being able to stop even for a moment.  I find myself increasingly compelled to agree, in my provisional position, with this Everything where life and death incessantly penetrate and merge with each other.  The angel of my affirmations turns a radiant face toward death.  Although life requires so much else, it is above all death that has been weighed down by so much bad suspicion.  For this reason I would like to rehabilitate it by placing it in that central spot, which it never left but from which all eyes have been averted.  I consider it my task to demonstrate that death constitutes part of the wealth of this formidable Everything of which life is perhaps the tiniest part, even though it already surpasses our means and measures with such abundance.  For this change in attitude to be completely accepted, we need as our premise events filled with constancy and permanence - and I too can state that I feel 'so very much the same in spirit and in body,' and that once I consent infinitely to the necessary transformations and to all of the good-byes imposed on us by the sovereign rhythm, I can see the fog of all these changes becoming transparent thanks to our flame, which passes through it without ever going out."  -Rainier Maria Rilke