Observations in Havana

More photos from Cuba have been uploaded, I hope you enjoy them.

"There are so many things to notice and observe in this city.  It is as if you are constantly called upon to make choices about what you allow your senses to take in.  On our bus ride through a small town across the bay I noticed all the old people sitting on stoops, worn and delicate.  I imagined my grandma...what if she had lived like that in her last days?

There is suffering everywhere in the world.  I believe this is unavoidable, because for as brilliant and wise as humanity has the ability to be, we are also woefully flawed, and subject to imperfection, greed, arrogance and desperation.  But there is also great joy and beauty.  Supreme, delicious smiles, priestesses in training all dressed in white - white shoes, stockings, skirts, shirts, head scarves and umbrellas.  Beauty alongside decay; warmth enveloped in a cloud of dust and wilted flowers."

Journal entry, May 1, 2006, Havana