Back Home and Foggy

[gallery columns="1"] I landed at LAX this past Saturday morning after a day of travel getting from Kyoto to Tokyo to Los Angeles. The tough thing about returning from Japan is that you depart late afternoon Saturday and arrive in the morning of the same day, so the first order of business upon returning home is to stay awake another full day in order to begin the process of getting over jet lag.  When I was getting ready for bed Saturday night I had big plans to get up the next day and go for a big walk, only to slumber until almost noon on Sunday, and even then I had to force myself to get out of bed.  Ditto for Monday.  This morning I managed to get up and about at a more decent hour, so if I can stay awake all day today I should be well on my way to getting back to normal.

My trip to Japan was a whirlwind of All Things Japan and my head is still swirling with memories of all the sights we saw, places we visited and experiences we stumbled upon.  I will be posting oodles of photographs this week as well as stories from the trip, but I fear if I try to write anything today I will come across as a completely discombobulated ditz as I'm still not thinking totally straight.

I will, however, share one jet-lag induced lesson I learned yesterday morning around noon:  you actually have to put coffee in the coffee maker before you brew.  Otherwise just water comes out - sounds crazy, I know, but it is absolutely true.

Just one more helpful tip from yours truly in Santa Monica.  You're welcome!

Addendum:  My first few rounds of photos are up.  Click on the links below for each of my photo sets.

Tokyo Tokyo Details Tokyo Fish Market Hakone

Coming Soon:  Kyoto