Giving it a Go

[youtube] I have been wanting to try my hand at "filmmaking" for, oh, a few years, and have let my lack of experience, knowledge, and editing skills prevent me from giving it a go.  This past weekend I found myself with a free afternoon and plenty of footage I've collected over the past few years for, you know, that day that I hoped would someday arrive when I'd have the guts to dip my toe in the water.  These are clips from a recent flight across the country, my recent show and a magical moment in Iguazu Falls, Argentina.  The song is "Serpentine" by Kate Havenevik.  The two lovelies in the film are Denise Andrade [photographer] and Stacie de la Rosa [subject].  Now that I've tried it, I'm totally obsessed, already hatching plans for my next few ventures.