I have homework...every day for the next solid week.  Even weekends.  Weekends!  But I have to say I felt like a bit of a writing geek when our teacher was telling us about this "boot camp" she wanted to put us through.  As I sat there listening to her discuss projects, prompts, assignments and readings all I could think was "Yes, yes and more yes!" What a nerd.

I was then reminded of the freedom of college life, where before my 7:00 - 10:00pm class began I must admit I was ever so slightly nervous about having to walk across campus back to my car alone, only to find people everywhere as I strolled to the parking garage after class ended.  And then I remembered - "Right, when you're a college student you (most likely) don't have, you know, husbands and wives and kids and car payments...mortgages and whatnot."  I then had the sudden impulse to run screaming through the groups of students "Enjoy your freedom!!!  Savor it for all it's worth!!  You are wild and beautiful and full of hope and possibility!"

I know this sounds like I am feeling nostalgic for my college days, but I am, in fact, quite happy being a grown up.  I had a ton of fun in college and in those first years after graduation where I was still granted a great deal of leeway in the dazed and confused department, but I would not go back if I could.  Still, I liked this up-close reminder of all the loose-ness college life provided (although it could easily be argued that the grown up life provides its own kind of freedom and wide-openness).  I had a similar feeling when my husband and I were honeymooning in Florence, Italy in 2007 when I saw all the backpackers sitting along the Arno drinking cheap wine and writing in their journals, where I wanted to go up to all of them and congratulate them on being bold enough to take the adventure they were on.  The hunt for the cheapest hostel, the thrill of finding dinner for under $5, the student ID cards, Eurail passes and loaves of bread, all of these details of traveling as a broke student are what made the experience so universal and full of life.

I am ready to dive into my homework and do the best job I can in this class, and to approach my new syllabus, writing assignments and class discussions from an entirely new perspective - that of an artist with a clear vision of why I am in this class in the first place, eager to soak in as much as humanly possible.

The adventure begins...