[Taken in New Zealand this week.]

[Taken in New Zealand this week.]

Sometimes you have to travel across an ocean, miles from everything that is familiar to you, from almost everyone you love most, to a place where one person lives, opens her home to you and provides a space of such safety, acceptance and mindfulness that it is not possible for your heart to do anything but break wide open.

Sometimes you find yourself sitting in a foreign land where the waves crash more thunderously and the wind travels more forcefully, where the color of the sky determines what your day will look like - adventurous trekking over farmland and forest or quiet hours spent examining all the intricacies of who you are, how you've become this, all the ways you've fucked up and soared beautifully and why you've chosen to live a life this committed to such intense self-awareness.

Sometimes you sit on the porch of a beach house in a town with a funny name listening to a piece of music, sobbing quietly as the birds flutter around you oblivious to the fact that your heart feels such a profound sense of peace that you think you just might dissolve into a million pieces of light right then and there.

Every journey changes us - every step we take away from our comfort zone is capable of shifting our perspective of the world and our place in it.  This journey is no exception, and I will leave a part of myself behind when I return home, experiencing a sense of wholeness I cannot yet articulate, but in my bones tastes like marrow made of stars.

Christine Mason Miller

Santa Barbara, CA

Writer * Artist * Storyteller * Guide