This Is How It Happened

  About two weeks before I was to leave for New Zealand, my husband came home and announced that he had to go to Japan for business, the first time he's made this specific announcement in almost three years.  As is often the case when he says he has to go on a business trip, my immediate response was, "I want to go."  Our conversation then proceeded like this:

Me:  "When are you going?" Him:  "About a week after you get back from New Zealand." Me:  "Then I can go!  Can I go?  Can I, huh, huh, huh?" Him:  No response, just staring at me with a stunned look on his face, blinking a lot. Eventually:  "You'd get back on a plane and fly back across the Pacific that soon after all that flying?" Me:  "Don't you know me?" Him:  "I can't believe you would do this voluntarily."

(It must be noted that my husband despises air travel - despises it so much that if a magic fairy came to him and said, "You'll never have to board an airplane again as long as you give your wife foot massages every evening," then I'd have the happiest feet on the planet.)

Me:  "Yes, I want to go!  Can I go?  Can I go?  Can I, huh, huh, huh?" Him:  (Still incredulous) "I might be really busy you know..."

(It must also be noted that my dear sweet husband always goes to this place in his brain where he feels like he must take care of me in situations like this.  He literally forgets about all the days I've spent on my own all over the world, and thinks that if he is too busy being Mr. Businessman then I won't have fun.)

Him:  "...I don't know what my schedule is yet." Me:  "Don't you know me?" Him:  "Well..." Me:  "Come oooooon....take me!"

And so it it happened that I've been home barely more than a week and tomorrow I'm back on a plane, flying back across the Pacific, for a trip that will give me just three full days in Japan.  Is this what it's like to be J Lo on a press junket?

I felt the need to explain this after having experienced a stunned silence, followed by "WTF?" from my friends over the past week when I've told them I'm heading out for more time away.  I didn't wake up today and decide, "Hey!  I think I'll hop on over to Japan!" it just happened to work out that these two trips landed side by side.

(It must be noted that I feel like the most ridiculously, insanely, magnificently fortunate person in the entire world.)

It probably would be been wiser and more practical for me to stay home and focus on my writing.  It would have made plenty of sense to say, "Have a great trip, my love, I'll be here holding the fort down and taking advantage of five days of solitude."  That would have been the smart move, the disciplined move, the oh-so rational move.

But he had me at Tokyo, so today I fly away.