100 Books Project :: The First Response

Book4b[Book #4 :: April 9, 2009 :: Bruinwalk, UCLA Campus]

Less than 48 hours after I started this project, the gift I left was received by a UCLA who proceeded to give me a wonderful gift.  A few excerpts:

"Greetings! I found your gift (Book 4 of 100) on Bruinwalk at UCLA as I was walking/rushing- just like every other day- to class 8:55 am on Friday, April 10th, 2009.  I shared it with the class and my professors as soon as I walked in at 9:00 am.  When I opened it to read it, I found it coincidental/amusing that one of the ideas expressed in the work is to just find “Ordinary Sparkling Moments” like this on the busy path of life, or the busy rush to class in this case.  Perhaps it was intentionally placed here for that exact reason.

I am a 4.0 GPA undergraduate 2nd year student/saxophonist at UCLA Music majoring in Music History aspiring to become a conductor, professor, musicologist etc. but mostly, to become an artist.  This work of art you have created is indeed inspiring.  I have not read it yet as I just got it yesterday but I have flipped through every page of it and I absolutely love it.  More so, I thank you for sharing it with the world not only in bookstores but also through this unique way of ‘sprinkling’ it around the world from Tokyo to D.C. This book came at a perfect moment. Thanks for being an artist."