Sliver of Tokyo

[gallery columns="1"] Tokyo by Numbers 4:  Times I've visited at least 12:  Times a Japanese person has looked at me and me 75+:  Miles I've walked throughout Tokyo 12.8 million:  Population of Tokyo 9.8 million:  Population of Los Angeles 5470:  Miles between Los Angeles and Tokyo 16:  Time difference between Los Angeles and Tokyo in hours 14,582,954:  Number of photos of cherry blossoms I took on my last trip to Tokyo 2:  Average size of clothing available for sale in most Tokyo shops.  In other words, I'm an amazon. 2.5:  Hours it takes to travel from Tokyo to Sendai on a bullet train 7:  Hours it would take to travel the same distance by car 250,000:  Number of people who cross Shibuya Crossing every Saturday

Tokyo by Other Bits & Pieces Stationery, pens, washcloths:  three things I always buy in Tokyo Clothing:  something I never buy in Tokyo (see last item above) Chirping birds:  The recorded sound that comes on in department store restrooms as soon as one sits on the toilet Fish heads:  weirdest food I've eaten, which may or may not actually be the weirdest, because sometimes I don't know what I'm eating Little Bo Peep, Goth, Rockabilly:  Fashion themes of kids in Harajuku Move, Expert, Fit, Life, Comfort:  Names of cars in Japan Soybean paste:  Main ingredient in most Japanese bakery sweets Rainbow, First Wood:  Names of hotels between Narita Airport and Tokyo