100 Books Project :: Sweden

[Book #13 :: [Book #13 :: Gamla Stan, Stockholm :: May 6, 2009 and Book #14 :: Gamla Stan, Stockholm :: May 6, 2009]

The latest installment from the 100 Books Project comes all the way from Stockholm, Sweden, where a wonderful Book Fairy named Charlotte helped me spread the Ordinary Sparkling Moments love across the Atlantic.  Books 13 and 14 were sent to Charlotte, and within 24 hours of receiving her email with all the juicy details on where she left the books, this email arrived:


My name is Elvina and I am 17 years old and my younger sister found your book nr 14 last week here in Stockholm and she gave it to me to read.  Now I have done so and it was a very different kind of read, like looking into a diary!  Your words and art got me thinking about documenting my own life!  I love to take pictures but never thought of using them in a diary before.  Now I will start experimenting with my own words, color and photos, thanks to you. My best friend is reading it now. Keep writing books!

Best regards, Elvina

I don't know which book she found, but either way it was a thrill to receive another note from someone who found the book, and I am so grateful for Charlotte's willingness to be such an integral part of my project.  It was her offer to do this for me that inspired the idea of the Book Fairies, so all credit goes to her, which is yet another beautiful twist to this story.  Like any dream in action, surprises are everywhere and gifts come out of the blue.

A few more Book Fairies are still out there across the globe, and I'm getting ready to head back east where I'll leave a trail behind me.  Onward the project goes, outward it expands.