In Every Journey

In every journey there will be days like I had yesterday, when I spent a lazy afternoon lying on the grass with four dear friends, two giggly babes, cupcakes, sunshine and gentle breezes.

In every journey ideas will be born, goals will be set, and dreams will be made real, and all of these manifestations will light the way for others to forge their own creative path.

In every journey there will be failures - experiences that might initially give birth to feelings of shame, but hopefully, in the end, will reveal themselves as lessons that needed to be learned rather than endeavors that should never have been pursued.

In every journey there will be moments when a dear friend will say, "Today I buried my father."  In those moments we cannot reverse the ticking of the clock, cannot change the passage that is inevitable for each and every one of us, but we can pick up the phone, call our friend, and listen to whatever stories our friend needs to share.

In every journey there will be days on the road of pursuing a dream such as I had last week, when the demons come marching in, with their chorus of "You're not good enough," and "Who do you think you are?".  In those moments, a choice must be made:  Either give in and give up or keep on working.

In every journey there will be nights of insomnia, mornings with headaches, afternoons of grogginess, weekends of laziness and months that feel like a freight train of fun and productivity.

In every journey balance will be elusive and perfect calm rare.

In every journey there will be love, there will be tears, there will be hunger and there will be questions.

In every journey there will be an ongoing struggle between the ego and the soul.  No matter how uncomfortable or unsettling it might sometimes feel, any time the choice is made to release the ego we are one step closer to our very best selves.