100 Books Project :: Door County, Wisconsin

[Book #21 :: Left in Door County, Wisconsin, August 5, 2009]

One of the latest reports from the 100 Books ProjectThis lovely Book Fairy left Book #21 outside the church street market building in Door County, Wisconsin and then made a spur of the moment decision to give Book #22 to a friend.  This is her story:

"I promised Swirly I'd drop off two books while vacationing in Door County, Wisc, where I was visiting some dear sweet and wonderful friends.  Natalie is one of the most inspired artists I think I've ever met. When I pulled up to the converted farm house/studio/dream house (surrounded by bean fields and cows!) she shares with her husband, I knew I had to leave one of the books with her.  We've been traveling on the same creative path for quite some time - having met when we had neighboring booths at a Downtown Los Angeles art walk - and she is always one of the first people I call when I'm artistically blocked or lost or frightened ('Can we really DO this?  Should we stay in the city?  Move to the country? Do we give it all up and get 'real' jobs?'). After earning her masters in textile design at RISD, she and her husband decided to take the plunge and choose bean fields over buildings.

As they begin to build their new life there - helping to run a friends new restaurant, pickling treats for the winter, baking, painting, collecting and creating - I can tell that Natalie is working hard to settle into a more balanced rhythm...and there I was this amazing book tucked under my arm.  In an instant I knew I wanted her to read about Christine's own unique artistic path - wanted her to take a break from the business of all they are working so hard to create and sit with her inspired and delightful musings. Needless to say it wasn't as cosmically cool as leaving it somewhere random and hoping to hear from the person who finds it, but it felt right and I knew if there was anyone who would understand the urge I had to give it away it would be my wonderful friend Christine!"

Next up:  The 100 Books Project goes to the U.K. and Ireland!