100 Books Project :: San Francisco

[Book #29 ::  Left at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco by Book Fairy Kate Swoboda]

The divine Kate Swoboda of Kate Courageous and The Courageous Traveler accepted Book Fairy duty for #29 and #30, and what a thorough job she did!

[Book #30 ::  Left at the cable car turnaround at Market & Powell in downtown San Francisco by Book Fairy Kate Swoboda]

Before I received a lovely package from her that included photographs and videos of her Book Fairy adventures, I received this email:

"Hi!  My name is Noah... I'm actually from Toronto. I'm visiting family near San Francisco and today found your book in Yerba Buena Gardens in downtown SF. I just wanted to say thank you! :) I was a little nervous to open a brown paper bag left in a public space, but it was a really nice surprise. I cant wait to get through the book!"