100 Books Project :: Western Australia

[Book #32:  Left in Western Australia by Book Fairy Donna Jensen.]

Dispatch from Donna Jensen, Book Fairy for Book #32, which was left at George's Beach in Bluff Point, Geraldton, Australia:

October 23, 2009:  "The Book Fairy has left the building!!!  It took me a few days to think about this - but in the end i think i got it just right.  You'll see in these photos that it looks like an ordinary park bench, and in many ways it really is, but it looks out over the beautiful Indian Ocean.  People sit here under the shady Casuarina trees on hot summer days to have their lunch and escape the office, mums bring their children to swim in the secluded, calm waters.  Dog-walkers, peace-finders, windsurfers, kite flyers and paddle-boarders all frequent here, but it wasn't the human activity, the serenity, or the view that made me choose this place.

A few weeks ago the most beautiful wondrous Humpback whale got washed up on this very beach.  It was gigantic and awesome and everyone came down to see it.  It was a terrible, sad sight to see, and I thought that maybe, just maybe, this gift exchange may help to balance out the universe a little bit.  Something taken away, something given back - a loss, and a win.  An exchange of gifts, and perhaps - with the loss of that beautiful creature - will come a healing of a soul when they read your story.  I can only hope.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity Christine.  Thank you for allowing this stranger to be a part of your gift exchange.  Now it has me thinking - what can I do with my gifts to bless others?"