I So Easily Forget


In the midst of doing my best to mark off as many items possible on an ever-growing to do list within the shortest amount of time, I so easily forget to breathe deeply, and take time to cry.

In the moments when I get caught up in pining for something BIG - my name on Oprah's roster, my byline on the cover of a newly-published book - I so easily forget that those moments are just as fleeting as the days when I do nothing more than a few loads of laundry and grocery shopping - that if I can't find satisfaction and contentment in the latter, I certainly won't find it in the former.

Many of the things I do will never make it on a list of Major Accomplishments, but in the end more of them will end up on a list of things that Made A Difference than I will ever realize.  I so easily forget that.

A twelve-year old boy bought my Inspiration Deck this weekend, explaining that he always got very anxious when he had to take a test, and he was going to use these cards to help settle himself down.  That's not a sales pitch, that is a treasure I will keep in my heart for the rest of my life, pulling it out when I forget that what I choose to do and how I choose to express myself matters.

I so easily forget that while Big Events have their own kind of alluring gloss, it is the unique patina of the smaller moments that are usually more interesting, complex and meaningful.

When I get trapped by the myth that strength has to do with overcoming great odds and climbing magnificent mountains, I so easily forget that it is also about standing, socializing, hugging and mingling over the course of an entire afternoon even when surgery and chemotherapy have taken their toll, and it would be so much easier to simply go home and lie still.

I so easily forget about all the tiny cracks and crevices where grace can be found, where evidence of the divine is sitting in plain view all over this big weary world of ours.

I so easily forget.

I so easily forget.

Christine Mason Miller

Santa Barbara, CA

Writer * Artist * Storyteller * Guide