100 Books Project :: End of 2009 Wrap Up

[Book #36 :: The Algarve, Portugal, November 15, 2009 and Book #37 :: Copenhagen, Denmark December 11, 2009]

I still don't have a perfect system for keeping track of all the books that have been sent out this fall and posting timely updates, so I am going to wrap up 2009 with a list of all the latest & greatest from the 100 Books Project and work on a better system for 2010 and the second half of this fun endeavor!  Here's where we are:

For a quick peek at where books have been left (or where they are currently en route), the 100 Books Project Master List and Flickr Gallery are fully up-to-date!

The last time I checked in, I shared the story of Book #34, left by the divine Heather PlettBook #35 went with me to Hilton Head, South Carolina for a family wedding, but I let go of it before we even got there.  After flying from Los Angeles to Atlanta, my family and I had to take a five hour drive through Georgia to Hilton Head, and we stopped for a dinner of fried EVERYTHING in Locust Grove, Georgia on the way.  Our waitress was absolutely lovely, encouraging us to live large and order that second piece of peanut butter pie.  Before we left I ran to the car and pulled out Book #35, and headed to Hilton Head happily book-less.

The lovely Leonie Wise - world traveler extraordinaire - was given three books, and the first two have been placed.  Book #36 was left in The Algarve, Portugal and Leonie chronicled her experience right here.  A little snippet from this adventure:

"I wanted it to be by the sea, because I grew up by the ocean, at a beach with golden sands. My childhood memories of growing up with sand between my toes still makes me smile. The ocean is where I return to when my soul needs a refill. Christine’s book for me is similar – it’s like I get a top-up of sunshine and soul-full-ness each time I open it."

Leonie's husband took over Book Fairy duty for Book #37 in Copenhagen, Denmark in Tivoli Park.  I love his story, and the photographs are dreamy.  Read all about it right here; here's a snippet:

"Amusement parks are not something I’m particularly big on, especially when I’m on my own – they are much more fun in a group. But I had a walk around, intending to find somewhere to leave the book. It seemed like a nice place to leave it – lots of people, cool theme, nice place for a photo op etc, but I couldn’t find a suitable spot for it. There were basically too many people around, and no where I could find was, in my mind, suitable.

And that was the problem: “Nowhere suitable”. What the hell WAS “suitable” anyway?"

Next stop for Leonie and Book #38:  Iceland!


[Book #43 :: Edinburgh, Scotland December 11, 2009]

Book Fairy Mary Gordon was sent Book #43, and she left it at the Black Medicine Cafe on South Bridge in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Her story:

"I chose the cafe because it is in an area where a lot of students congregate. I can remember my time as a student being quite traumatic, worried, anxious trying to fit in be a success and thought it might fall into the hands of someone who really needed it there."

Mary used her Lomo camera to document the day, but, alas, her photos did not turn out, but she kindly sent me a link to a website with images from the cafe.  It looks lovely, don't you think!

There are still a few books out and about that haven't been placed yet in Colorado, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ireland and Spain.  2010 will start with Book #45, and new deposits around Los Angeles!