100 Books Project :: Iceland

I will now hand the floor over to the divine Leonie Wise...this is one of my favorite stories yet. "Well, I am happy to say that the third book you sent me has been dispatched in Iceland. now, I know I promised you that I would leave it at the Blue Lagoon, so I hope you won't be too cross with me when I tell you that I took it there with me, but didn't leave it anywhere there.

It seemed ridiculous to take a book all the way to Iceland only to have it end up in the arms of a tourist, so I didn't have the heart to leave it there as intended.

Iceland is breathtaking place, beautiful in so many ways and the people are so friendly and welcoming. there's a visitors guide that I picked up and one of the pages says this:

'Most visitors to Iceland are here for the magnificent glaciers, waterfalls and volcanos, the open wilderness and striking contrasts, the enchanting light and the "emotional landscape", as the singer Bjork, Iceland's most famous daughter puts it. After their stay, visitors are often in awe that people are actually willing to live in this amazing, yet harsh and unpredictable country. Some are even eager to move to Iceland to get to know the country and inhabitants better! (I must admit that this idea has crossed my own mind a few times)

What is often excluded in this equation is that Icelanders are in many ways forged by the country they live in. They may appear a bit rough and cold sometimes - even indifferent, but also determined and relentless. given time, they will reveal themselves as sensetive, kind, poetic, warm, loyal and emotional.'

It was reading through this, and also because of our own personal experience, that I decided to leave the book with one of the ladies from the Northern Light Inn where we stayed. She re-confirmed bookings for us, helped us choose a restaurant in Reykjavik for dinner, booked us a hire car....nothing was too much trouble. So yesterday, before we left, I gave her the book, told her the story of the project and said it was a gift for her. She was delighted and said she would also share it with the rest of the amazing women who all made our stay there such a magical experience.  Her name is Karitas (Kaja - pronounced Kaya - is her nickname).  I do hope you hear from her, she really was a delight.