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[Book #48 was left in New York City February 25, 2010 by Book Fairy Stefanie Renee.]

The lovely Stefanie Renee became a Book Fairy this year when she took a trip to New York City.  You might remember her as one of the 2010 Squammettes who found Book #27 back in September.

"It was snowing hard outside - I mean really coming down - so leaving it outside as I'd intended wasn't going to work.  A friend of mine took me to a little french cafe where we had the best time catching up, drinking tea and enjoying a yummy breakfast.  They had white twinkly lights outside on the trees; with the snow falling, it was simply magical.  The cafe was in the movie You've got Mail with Meg Ryan!

The bathrooms were nice, so I thought, what the hell....this looked like the right place with the right people to receive such a gift.

I loved being a bit sneaky, a bit of a fairy, and wish I could have sat there and really watched for who would come out holding this gift, but I couldn't.....

Thank you for giving me the honor ~ it was much fun!"

No, Thank YOU Stefanie!!