100 Books Project :: Madison, Wisconsin

I'm not even going to try to share this story here, because Book Fairy Beth McWilliams did an extraordinary job documenting the journey of Book #55 right here on her beautiful blog More Doors.  A quick snippet to spark your curiosity: "...at one point I told the hubby that I really really wanted to get the person taking the book in a photograph since I didn't think anyone else had that had already participated in this world-wide totally cool activity when all of sudden this young girl appears..."

So my entry for Book #55 is short & sweet, but head over to her abode for an insanely great story with loads of pictures!  This was an especially fun chapter in the 100 Books story since my husband went to the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and my first visit there about two years ago was a great source of inspiration.  This project just gets better and better!

Thank you Beth!!