100 Books Project: Here's to Betsy Simons


[Book #42, deposited in New Jersey by Book Fairy on March 27, 2010 Jennifer Belthoff]

Reports are flooding in from Book Fairies all over, and I'm looking forward to sharing all the stories over the next few weeks.  This just in from Book Fairy Jennifer Belthoff, who took care of Book #42 in New Jersey!

Part One :: Jennifer's Story

Sent March 28, 2010: "I am so happy to report that last weekend when the weather took a turn for the best in New Jersey, I slipped on my flip flops and ventured off to give your book its wings!  There is a great park a few towns away from me that I go to a lot.  It is a paved path that connects a couple of towns together.  You will always find people walking, running, riding their bicycles and rollerblading.  The weather had been a bit wild for awhile - snow storms leading to crazy wind, rain and flooding - so the blue skies and warm sunshine were just the thing to draw people out of their homes. 

I was giddy with excitement driving to the park just knowing that I would be leaving the book.  I walked for a bit, looking to find the perfect spot.  I stopped on a bench and watched people walk, dream and think.  When I turned to grab something out of my backpack I noticed this line on the bench:  'life without regrets'.  This was the perfect spot to leave the book.  And so I did just that. 

I walked down the path a bit more soaking in the sunshine.  Then turned to head back towards my car.  Walking past the bench I noticed the book was gone.  I was elated.  Someone had scooped up your treasure. 

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to leave a bit of your sunshine in New Jersey.  Your book is incredible and I feel honored that I was able to set it free to fly here."

Part Two :: Swirly's Story

I received Jennifer's email about her Book Fairy experience last week.  I had just gotten home from a few days away, my husband was about to return from an overseas trip, and we had to get everything ready for family visitors, due to arrive Saturday.  So I saved her emails and links, letting her know I'd be posting about Book #42 this week.

Today I composed this post, using the photo she sent me and formatting her story.  It wasn't until I finished getting Part One posted that I went to her second email, which included a link to a video she had put together about her Book Fairy experience.

So I just watched Jennifer's beautiful video - which turned me into a weepy mess (in a good way!) - and realized I needed to share this part of the story Jennifer has created, hence the Part Two.  Jennifer - you had me at "I am so happy..." and then your video blew me away:

When I started this crazy project, I had no idea where it would go or what it would inspire; I couldn't have imagined how much it would touch others or touch me, and my heart is literally bursting right now.  The word is gratitude, gratitude, gratitude...that is my word right now.

And here's to Betsy Simons, whose "Life Without Regrets" can serve as a reminder to us all to feel our fears and dive in anyway.