100 Books Project :: Sedona, Arizona

[Book #49, left in Sedona, Arizona by Book Fairy Christine Tenenholtz.]

With Book #49, we've made contact!  Book Fairy  Christine Tenenholtz  left Book #49 at the "Birthing Cave" in Sedona, Arizona on Easter Sunday and a few days later I received an email from Gloria Ortega, who found the book (and is now going to be a Book Fairy herself!)  Here is part of Christine's story:

"Easter Sunday dawned bright, sunny and warm and after a lovely lunch with my boy and my sweetie (that involved a bit of chocolate bunny beheading) we discussed going for a hike.  My son chimed in, "let's go to Mezcal Mountain!" out of the blue and I know right then that's where I should take the book.  There is a cave there, known to us locals as 'The Birthing Cave'.

The cave itself is more beautiful than I remembered and in the years since my last visit, some folks set up a rock altar in the spot where there had been a fire pit, and it was covered with all sorts of offerings, notes and trinkets of all kinds:  Dollar bills, coins, jewelry, shells, stones.  I got a rush of emotion, knowing this place would be perfect for Christine's book and hopefully someone would discover it in a really reverent kind of way and listen with their heart.  Actually, I had no doubt that whoever found it would be in the right frame of mind to really 'get' it.  I was super stoked.  I placed the book just outside the main altar so someone could see clearly that it was not meant to be left as an offering, but to be taken as a gift.  And as the three of us hung out in this beautiful natural cave, I noticed it seemed we were all positively 'bouyant' with glee. 

I don't know if it was because it was a gorgeous Spring day, or we were all just high on the joy of being in the great outdoors or that it was because we were accomplices in working a little magic for someone...I said a little prayer for the book's recipient to be blessed by the experience and we went back on down to the main trail."

Less than a week later, I received this email:

"Hello Christine,

My name is Gloria Ortega, and I found your book in Sedona, Arizona the day after Easter.  I took a hike up to Mezcal Mountain, praying the whole way up about what I needed to do with my life.  I'm a beautician and astrologer, also cashiering at New Frontiers health food store.  I was trying to decide whether to go to the birthing cave or on up to the council circle where the ruins are.  I chose the birthing cave, needing some answers as to why I'm at this point in my life.  I sat at the cave and was journeying into a juniper tree that gave me some shade, when I spotted your package at the alter.

I saw the message 'This gift is for you', but I ignored it.  Then 'Yes, YOU' caught my attention, so I opened it and read the whole book as I sat there.   It gave the best answers - my spirit knows I need answers in writing at times like this, so my prayers had been answered with a quick reading of a lovely book left there just for me.

I was slipping it back into the envelope for someone else to enjoy, but then loud and clear I saw the note with your e-mail and wanted to let you know how it touched my life, so I brought it home.  My roommate read it too, and was so inspired she sat up all night setting up a new webpage for a business we have been trying to get off the ground called Land of the Sacred - a hiking and retreat center to teach people about the land, plants, animals and shamanic ways to connect to Mother Earth.  We got it done and we're on our way with lots of new ideas; your book moved us both.

Thank you for your words of wisdom and for leaving the book.  After e-mailing you I will return it to the birthing cave for someone else to enjoy.  ~Gloria Ortega, LandoftheSacred.com"

I talked Gloria into keeping the book for herself by enlisting her as a Book Fairy, so stay tuned for the next chapter of this 100 Books Story.  In the meantime, head over to Christine's site for more details about her Book Fairy adventure, more photos and a link to Red Hot Pottery - her lovely Etsy shop.  Thank you Christine!!