100 Books Project :: Brazil


[Book #45, left in Paraty, Brazil by Book Fairy Michelle Smith.]

Isn't she pretty?  Here's the story of Book #45, from the lovely Michelle Smith...

"Oh my.  Swirly...being a Book Fairy is such a thrill!  Thank you for this experience...

Initially it was going to be my man Bryan acting as Book Fairy (Book Man?) for you in Brazil, but as fate would have it, I ended up being able to join him.  We were there for Carnival - which is a truly amazing artistic tour de force, with more feathers and glitter than you can possibly imagine.  Officially Carnival lasts a few days, but the days leading up to and right after are also pulsing with huge amounts of energy.  To escape some of the intensity of Rio...we headed south to a gorgeous little colonial town on the coast called Paraty.

...and "para ti" means "for you", which is exactly what you wrote on the book!

The buildings of the town are all whitewashed with the trim painted bright South American shades of blue, yellow, red, green.  It is an artists' community, where the painters and sculptors open their studios so you can watch them work and chat with them.


I carried the book around for three days trying to find the perfect spot, and then I found her studio:  Patricia Gibrail.  The moment I saw her work I knew that whoever was drawn in by her work would totally get yours too!

My heart started to race, and I got absolutely giddy.  I wrote "para ti" on the book in case Portuguese or Spanish would help the discoverer understand that it was a gift for them.  I wanted to place the book when no one was in the shop so no one would see me.  I waited for just the right moment, picked out the right spot and went for it.  Holding my breath, so afraid of getting caught and ruining the surprise, but I did it.

We stood across the street for a while and waited to see if anyone would pick it up, but the heat of the day got the best of us so we wandered off.  When we returned later...it was gone.

I'm just dying to know who found it!


Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to bring some of your light to another corner of the world.  I was honored to participate!"

Lovely Michelle - I am honored that you are part of this project - what an extraordinary, beautiful story.  Thank you!!

Next up:  Mexico City!