100 Books Project :: The Bay Area

[Book #57, left at Cafe Gratitude in San Rafael, CA and Book #58, left in San Francisco ]

Every time I sit down to get caught up on my entries and galleries for the 100 Books Project, I always feel like I am woefully far behind!!  But trying to keep up with a dozen or so Book Fairies at any give time, not to mention my own book deposits here and there (I just went on a book drop binge all over Los Angeles, so there are many stories on deck), it has been a challenge to stay up-to-date.

But the stories keep coming in, and I'm planning on wrapping the project up with Book #100 by the end of the summer.  If you are interested in being a Book Fairy, the best way to let me know is by emailing me at christine@swirlygirl.com.


Book #57  was placed at the end of March 2010 on a spur of the moment trip I took up to the Bay Area.  I left it at Cafe Gratitude, one of my favorite spots on earth.  Their mint chocolate chip shake makes my heart melt, so I thought it was a perfect place to leave a book.

The day before I deposited Book #58 on a newspaper bin in San Francisco.  I was on my way to meet some friends at a nearby coffee shop, and when we came out a few hours later to feed our meters, the book was gone.

All the stories that have been posted so far are archived right here.

The 100 Books Master List is here.

The 100 Books Flickr Gallery is here.

The 100 Books Project was featured in Issue #4 of Uppercase magazine, and also

the July/August 2010 issue of Somerset Studio.

There are only about fifteen books left to be placed, so email me if you would like to be a Book Fairy.

My special request:  If anyone can get a book to Antarctica, I'll have all seven continents covered!