100 Books Project :: Auckland

Book #56 was sent across the Pacific to the lovely Melissa Muirhead in Auckland, New Zealand.  She recently posted about her Book Fairy adventure right here.  My favorite excerpt from her story explains this: "When I was having my lunchtime escapes, I couldn’t help but notice that many other people were also escaping from their corporate jobs or busy lives and taking a place either on the grass or on one of the many wooden seats that surrounded the park.  It gave me that awareness that in all of us, there is that deep seated recognition about the peace and serenity we gain from being in nature, even in a park in the centre of a city with over a million people living in it.  The sense of grounded-ness I gained in my lunch break each day made me realise that this was the perfect place to leave it.  In an oasis of peace in the middle of a bustling busy city, where people in the middle of their bustling and busy day find 30 minutes to recharge."

We know for certain that Melissa's thoughtfulness has made a difference*.  I received the following email soon after she placed her book:

"Hi Christine, I found your book at the central park in Auckland. It's a very good idea you had. Thanks for your beautiful words. I gave it to a friend of mine, hope it can help her. You found your way in life, how did it happen?

Have you any suggestions? Thank you Christine And have a marvelous life. Cheers Luca"

There is so much joy and beauty in this project.  Some days I can hardly take it all in.

* Although I also know for certain that every book placed is making a difference, whether or not I hear anything from the people who have found them.