100 Books Project :: Lake Tahoe


[Book #59, left in Lake Tahoe by Book Fairy Linda Mechanic.]

Book #59 was deposited at Lake Tahoe by one of my favorite people on the planet ~ Linda Mechanic.  Linda and I met at a cafe in Santa Monica in 2005, where my first collection of mixed media creations were hanging.  We met there so she could see my work and decide if it might fit in at Peach Tree Gallery ~ an inspiring, creative wonderland where Linda teaches pottery classes and puts on all kinds of extraordinary shows and events.

Ever since my first official show at Peach Tree in 2006, Linda and I have collaborated on a number of shows and events, and developed a magnificent friendship.  I am usually rather shy about sharing stories about my peeps, but I am making an exception so I can say one simple truth about Linda:  Having her in my life is one of the greatest gifts I've ever received.  She is beyond generous, kind and loving, and I appreciate her more than words can express.  Since this is technically a story about the 100 Books Project, I'm taking a bit of a liberty in writing about her on this blog.

If you live in the LA area, her pottery classes are not to be missed!  Visit her website for details.