100 Books Project :: Cincinnati Update

I have a lovely follow-up to this gem of a story, which is an email I received earlier this month from the woman who found the book: "Hi Christine ~

I am the lucky recipient of book 54.  My husband and I and our 25 year old son were attending a five and a half day silent retreat at the Milford Spiritual Center in Milford, Ohio, and it was an extraordinary  spiritual experience.  I felt like the happiest woman in the world  to be able to share it with both my husband and son.

One beautiful afternoon I decided to walk the Labyrinth with no particular question in mind - just a heart brimming with gratitude.   A few minutes into the experience I spied the package in the center and could see that it said:  "This is a gift for you."  I thought that I would have to deal with that issue when I arrived in the center as I tried to stay present to my meditation.  When I arrived in the center, it was difficult for me to accept that this could "really" be for me.   I picked it up and proceeded to think of many reasons why I should not take it.  I left the center and left the book behind.

Then, of course, I began to doubt my leaving it and experienced much ambivalence about my decision. Finally, I just hopped back into the center, unwrapped the package and began to look at the book.  I decided that it was, indeed, for me.

Thank you so much for your book and for your friend who put it in a spot that allowed me to be the lucky recipient.  I have enjoyed the art work, your writing, and the adventure of finding it and the fun of sharing the story and book with my friends.

Namaste, Theresa "

Theresa also shared her dedication to the Dhamma Moli Project in Nepal.  Please visit their website and learn more about this important project.