100 Books Project :: Seoul, South Korea

[Book #72, left in Seoul, South Korea by Book Fairy Catherine Boyd.]

Book #72 took a long journey across the Pacific, and then Book Fairy Catherine Boyd carried it to Insadong ~ a district of Seoul known for its art and antiques.

From Catherine:

"The thing about Korea is that people don't tend to take things that don't belong to them.  At crowded food courts it is not unusual for someone to put their bag or purse on a table to 'reserve' it, and walk away to place their order.  A few years ago I lost my wallet in a taxi; the diver found a business card inside with my school's address on it and delivered my wallet - cash and cards still inside - to my school.  Wow."

"I saw a few people spot the book, stoop down to check it out, and walk away from it again....and I wonder, will anyone take the YOU in 'This is a gift for YOU!' written on the package to mean them???"

Only time will tell!

To see more photos from Insadong and read Catherine's entire story, head over here.  Thank you Catherine!!