100 Books Project :: Ireland

[Book #31, left in Dublin, Ireland by Book Fairy Chantal Simon]

From the notebook of Book Fairy Chantal Simon, dated August 5, 2010:

Little did I know when I signed up to be a Book Fairy that this would involve, for me, more than simply leaving Ordinary Sparkling Moments some place where synchronicity might put it on the path of a happy recipient. My immediate thought was to leave it in Glendalough, Ireland ~ a beautiful spot not far from Dublin. My being car-less made this quite a challenge though and, after months of failed attempts, I opted to bring the book with me on my spring trip to Paris. This new plan relaxed me as, to be honest, I was starting to feel rather “bad” about not having placed the book yet. I know… but that’s the way it was. Well, li had something else in mind, it seems, and my truly looked-forward-to trip to Paris was cancelled at the last minute, due to the volcanic ash cloud which drifted through the European airspace last April, causing all planes to be grounded.  There would be no dropping of the book in Paris!

It finally occurred to me that I had been making a big deal out of it all, so I started allowing things to unfold as they needed to. In that respect, my experience with the book was a reflection of the personal journey I’ve been on this past year – a major time of letting go and further unfolding.

In the end, I decided to keep things simple and took the book on a walk around Dublin. When revisiting the Dublin Castle gardens for the first time in years, the stone and stained-glass spiral fountain struck me as rather symbolic, not only of my experience, but also of the invitation to joyful unfurling found in Ordinary Sparkling Moments. I had finally found my spot and the book was placed that day. I hope it was found and has already prompted a new journey in someone else’s life."

Chantal Simon Dublin, Ireland

{Thank You Chantal!}