100 Books Project :: Salt Lake City

[Book #67, left at the Salt Lake City, Utah YWCA by Book Fairy Jenica McKenzie.]

The lovely and amazing Jenica McKenzie handled the Book Fairy duties for Book #67 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Here's here story:

"As I pondered where to place this special book one of our favorite parks kept coming to mind ~ one in particular where we like to feed the ducks.  But each time I would think to place it, we'd either forget the book or the camera.  A friend suggested the YWCA, pointing out that as much as you and I sometimes struggle to find joy, there are many women who truly struggle just to make it through the day.  And while we can all use a source of encouragement and inspiration, there are some sweet sisters that need it even more than me.  So I decided to place it in the halls of the YWCA and I know the right eyes and hands will soon have it to hold."

Thank you Jenica!