100 Books Project :: Updates

[Book #69, left in Nekoosha, Wisconsin by Book Fairy Amber Dusick.  Story below.]

I have been feeling woefully far behind in posting stories and images, so I'll tackle a few stories at a time here and see if I can't start getting everyone up to speed...

Book #64 was handed over to Book Fairy Patricia Dolan who had this to report:

"I left Book #64 in a charming little Cape Cod City by the Sea named Chatham right on a pink bench in front of ‘Buffy’s Homemade Ice Cream.

When we drove by about three minutes later it was ‘gone’!"

On August 1, 2010, I received an email from a woman named Jen, who wrote:

"I found book #64 outside of an ice cream shop on a pink park bench in Downtown Chatham, Massachusetts. People kept walking past it and looking but no one would pick it up. I did! It was a great find! Love the way your getting it out there!"

Thank you Patricia for dropping Book #64 off and Thank you Jen for picking it up!

Book #66 was given to Gloria Ortega, who found Book #49 in Sedona, Arizona and offered to be a Book Fairy herself!  Her snippet:

"I left Book #66 at the altar of Our Lady of Guadalupe - the patron saint of Mexico - outside of Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico.  We spent a month there on the ocean, and when we drove by I knew that was the place - it felt right and special.  Hope you hear from the person it inspires.  Thank you again for the opportunity to give someone else the beautiful book."

Thank you Gloria!

Book #69 (pictured above)was taken care of in Nekoosha, Wisconsin by the lovely Amber Dusick, who shared her lovely story right here.  Here's a sneak peek:

"I was biting my nails when it was raining when we arrived.  Where would I leave the book?  It had to be outside.  But rain!  Rain.  More rain.  Three days in a row of constant rain."

Thank you Amber!

Take a gander at the 100 Books Project Photo Gallery right here, and stay tuned for a beautiful story from Mumbai, India and a 100 Books Bender in Santa Monica, California!