100 Books Project :: Santa Monica

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When my BFF came out for a visit this summer, I decided it was time to go on a Book Fairy Binge, so with a stack of books and my camera, we ventured out all over Santa Monica to sprinkle a little Book Fairy Magic...

We started on San Vicente Blvd. with Book #75, which is a hive of activity with runners, dog-walkers and cyclist.  We tucked it in the tree above and quickly ran away!

About a month later, I received a brief email from Julio:

"Hi Christine, my friend and I found your book, number 75 out of 100, in Santa Monica.  Thank you for the gift."

From San Vicente, we headed over to Wilshire Blvd. and stopped at the Pacific Dining Car.  That day happened to be Anne Carmack's birthday, and since Anne and I met at the Pacific Dining Car on my birthday (around 1:30am, no less), we decided Book #76 needed to be left there in her honor.

We flipped back towards the direction we had just come from in order to leave Book #77 at the The Brentwood Art Center. (We couldn't think of a better place to leave a book that was part of a global creative project!)

Book #78 was left in the glowing stairwell at Yoga Works on Montana Avenue, Book #79 was parked on a lovely green bench overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Book #80 was left at one of my favorite murals on Main Street. It was a 100 Books Extravaganza!