100 Books Project :: Tatton Park, UK


[Book #82, left in Tatton Park, UK by the lovely Book Fairy Stephanella Walsh.]

Book #82 was left by one of the sassiest Book Fairies I know ~ Stephanella Walsh.  She wrote a beautiful entry about the day she left the book right here, on her very inspiring blog The Creative Identity.

Here's an excerpt:

"I left the book by the lake, where people often stop by to admire the view, but I must admit that I stressed quite a lot about it, fearful that rain would start lashing down before someone would find it or that someone would just take a look and walk away. When I returned an hour later the book was still there. When I went back a week later, it was gone. Have you got this book? Did it make your day? It surely did make mine."

Thank you Stephanella!