100 Books Project :: Vienna, Austria


[Book #84, left in Vienna, Austria by Book Fairy Sonal Nathwani.]

The lovely Sonal Nathwani took care of Book #84 in Vienna, Austria in late July 2010 and here's her story:

"Dear Christine,

I’ve had so many thoughts about where to leave your book. Should I leave it at a famous landmark? Somewhere old and traditional? Somewhere new and funky? Somewhere busy or quiet? I really wanted to make sure it was somewhere special…..


So I had planned that today was the day for the drop, but was still undecided as to where exactly. So I strolled aimlessly through this beautiful city where I have lived for the past 13 years and I happily found tiny little streets I’d never seen before….and then I turned a corner and I recognized where I was. I had ended up in a beautiful old square (Franziskanerplatz) where I decided to have a coffee break. In this square is a tiny, tiny café called Kleines Café (which means small café). I have often wanted to have a coffee here, but it had always been full (it is really very small) or closed when I had passed by. Today there was a perfect table free and I rested there.


I’ll let the photos take over now…..isn’t it just gorgeous? As soon as I sat down and noticed THOSE floor tiles, the worn out leather seats, the well used dark wood chairs, THAT green door and the light coming through it, I just knew that THIS was where the book had to be found.


I so hope that whoever picked up the book writes to you….it would be so wonderful and exciting.

Thanks again for the opportunity to be a Book Fairy.  Love, Sonal

P.S. In case you’d like to know a little more about the café culture here in Vienna, click here."

Thank you for such a beautiful story and gorgeous photos to go with it Sonal!