100 Books Project :: Namibia


[Book #73, left in Namibia, Africa by Book Fairy Renee Binkowski]

I met Renee last spring when we had the incredibly wonderful fortune to travel together throughout Jordan.  She headed to Namibia to work with elephants soon after that trip; she took Book #73 with her and came back with this story:

"I arrived in Windhoek on a Thursday afternoon after traveling for almost 48 hours. As soon as I settled into the apartment, I ventured to downtown looking for a special place to plant the book. I found a neat park area in front of a government building, I thought to leave it there, but it didn't feel right. The loss of my iphone in the Johannesburg airport consumed all my brain energy the next few days. Before I could blink we were off to Etosha National Park where I was hoping to find a place among the animals. It didn't feel right to leave it at the tourist lodges. I thought about the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy and how silly it would be for a bushman to find it, but as funny as that seems, it still didn't feel right.. I carried it with me the entire trip, when eventually I started to worry if I would ever find the right place. I didn't want to set it just anywhere, it needed to find a good home and eventually a caring owner.

The book took on a life of it's own, like a very sacred pet of mine. It was only a few hours before we had to catch a long flight back to the states, I found the best place. My friend Tim brought us to a craft center where a large group of artists in Namibia sell their art. This was beyond a doubt the best home for the little book. I don't know who ended up with it. I left my new two week old friends standing guard, perhaps they took it? I'd like to think it ended up with a local artist who was inspired by it. I'll have to go back there some day and find out!"

Thank you Renee!!