100 Books Project :: Santa Fe

Why do I love this project so much? Because it gives people the opportunity to follow their intuition, which is what the amazingly talented Kelly Kilmer did in Santa Fe, New Mexico with Book #83. The entire story is right here, but here's an excerpt to get you going: "The nice thing about spending three hours with someone standing and walking around a cell phone store is that you can do a lot of talking with each other. I had pondered for days over where I would leave the book. I asked friends and family where they thought I should leave it. I wanted the book to go somewhere special, to be found by someone who would get it, by someone who needed it. The more Krista and I talked, the more I got this swelling sensation that I needed to give the book to Krista. Krista was the one who needed it right now more so than anyone else in Santa Fe.

I started blabbing to her about the project. I asked her if she had read the latest issue of Somerset Studio and if she had seen the article on Christine's book project. I asked her if she had the book, if she knew Christine's work. She said that she was familiar with her work but that she didn't have the book. I started telling her how inspiring the book was to me and how it was one of my favorites. I told her that I thought that every artist needed a copy of it and how it had pulled me out of some dark days and made me think differently.

Krista was surprised when I asked if I could give the book to her. I explained that after our talk, I felt that she was the one who I was supposed to give the book to. I knew that as an artist, she would get it. She smiled and was extremely humble (and yet very excited) about accepting it. I suggested that when Krista was finished with the book that she could pass it on to others who she felt may benefit from reading it. After all, it is the kind of book that you gain a lot from and immediately want to share the experience with others."

Thank you so much Kelly!!