100 Books Project :: Des Moines


Book #85 was part of an Ordinary Sparkling Extravaganza of Kindness from Book Fairy Tiffany Thomas in Des Moines, Iowa.

Here is Tiffany's story:

I was so excited about the opportunity to be a Book Fairy that I wanted to savor the experience and draw it out as long as possible.  Instead of just leaving such a special book for someone to find, I decided to spend 10 days blessing someone else with an Ordinary Sparkling Moment.

Day 1:  Gas station Gift Card ~ Top left photo in above image. Day 2:  Dairy Queen Gift Card, and also purchased ice cream for people behind me in line ~ Top right photo. Day 3:  Coins left at the car wash ~ Bottom left photo. Day 4:  Dryer sheets and change left at the Laundry Mat ~ Bottom right photo.

Day 5:  Fantastic tip for a great waiter ~ Top left photo.

Day 6:  Flowers at the nursing home for someone that needs a bit of extra sunshine ~ Center right photo. Day 7:  Lottery Tickets on a windshield ~ Bottom left photo.


Day 8:  Thank you to a friend for simply being my friend ~ Top left photo Day 9:  Starbucks Gift card left with newspaper ~ Top right photo Day 10: Ordinary Sparkling Moments book! ~ Bottom two photos

Of course this was one of my favorite tasks and I knew immediately where I was going to leave this special treasure.  Not only do I consider the West End Architectural Salvage Store my heaven on earth but it was the perfect place for many other reasons.  I have been truly inspired by Christine’s book and it fell into my lap at a time in my life where everything I had ever known was falling apart.  I felt like one of these salvaged pieces of art.  Rather than waiting for someone to purchase me and turn me into something beautiful, Christine’s words and art encourage me to blossom all on my own.   I hope that some other creative soul finds this book and it inspires them to not only dream but to fulfill those dreams.

Thank you, Christine!!"

I love this story so much ~ Thank YOU Tiffany!!