100 Books Project :: New South Wales


[Book #86, taken care of by Book Fairy Carol Selmeci in New South Wales, Australia.]

From Carol, sent August 3, 2010:

"I have been reading about the 100 Books Project for quite a while. I really did not understand what it was all about so I tracked back through Christine’s blog archives until finally I got the message. Wow, what a great project. What a lovely way to unite our world.

When I contacted Christine I wasn’t sure if she would deem me worthy to be a Book Fairy. I live in a very different world to Swirly’s world. I am not an artist. My life revolves around the humanitarian aspects of life. But I then figured, hey, we all have the same problems and concerns, we are all striving to make the most out of our own lives in this world, we all need to promote the care aspects for the people we share this great big world with. Of cause she would think me suitable to participate in this project, to promote good will and respect for all people. So I contacted Christine.


When I received her email telling me that I could be a Book Fairy I was just elated.

Then my parcel arrived in the mail. It looked just like I had seen on her blog, but it was real.

I live in the Blue Mountains just west of Sydney Australia.

It is a very pleasant and pretty part of our country. In parts it is rugged and grand and in other parts tranquil and settling. In the mountains we can be far away from the busy hustle of Sydney life but within one hour it is easy to commute to this major metropolis.

Before my parcel arrived I started thinking, I have this very important role to play, I need to be creative and to determine which magic place I should leave the treasured gift.

It did not take me long to determine the best place for such a cherished gift, a gift that would be able to serve its purpose in a meaningful way.

Some Book Fairies have left the gift in an exotic place for a stranger to find, so that once read the gift can leave its lasting spell. Some Book Fairies have left the gift in a specific location for a selected person whom it is felt will most benefit from its words. I decided to go with the later.


As corny as it may sound, in my eyes my two wonderful daughters would surely benefit significantly with such a shared gift. These two young ladies have provided my life with the greatest pride and joy. More than I would ever have imagined. They are caring individuals whom I am proud to say display thoughtfulness and compassion to others.

How could I not include them in this wonderful adventure.

We invited them to brunch and ‘the gift’ was left on a sofa in the sunroom in our home.

The plan is for them to enjoy the gift, to read its wisdom and then to share the gift with other friends and family. This will enable the words and messages to be shared with many people from a variety of backgrounds and lives.

This is my Book Fairy story.


Thank you for allowing me to participate in the 100 Books Project.

Carol Selmeci Blaxland (west of Sydney) Australia"

Thank you Carol ~ again and again ~ Thank you!!

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