100 Books Project :: Raleigh


[Book #87, left in Raleigh, North Carolina by Book Fairy Leigh Griffin of AraLeigh Studios.]

From the lovely Leigh Griffin, the story of Book #87:

Dear Christine,

After I received the package with your book, I started mentally narrowing down drop sites and even went on a couple of scouting expeditions. I spent one hot afternoon with my son, walking around the university he attends (NCSU) exploring potential locations to leave the book. While I didn't find a great spot on campus, I did get to spend some time re-connecting with my son and exploring his campus. Weeks went by and life and the weather got in the way. I was pressuring myself to get your book out by today. I needed a spot that could offer the book some shelter from the unpredictable afternoon thunderstorms starting to roll through Raleigh. I was being silly to put pressure on myself to find the "Perfect Spot". Just pick a spot, Leigh! Then I remembered a lovely little park near the law office where I work part-time. The Rose Garden is just that--a park/garden with beautiful red, pink, orange, yellow, white, purple roses, grass walking paths, benches, a water fountain and a stone rose-covered arbor. The garden is beside a small theater and an amphitheater. Every time I've been there have been office workers enjoying a picnic lunch, young couples whispering on a bench, people studying the roses, and families smiling for photos in front of a rose bush laden with blooms. And it has a small pavilion--perfect for protection from the weather! So off I went during my lunch break on Wednesday, August 4th. I didn't want to draw attention to myself because I didn't want to hear "excuse me, you left something on the bench". Leaving the book took some time -- the gardeners were pruning, and several people were eating lunch and walking around admiring the roses. Since I had decided to leave the book in the covered pavilion, I carried my journal, a magazine and the carefully wrapped book with me. I sat and waited with my journal in my lap, trying to look casual, not like I was on a secret mission. I finally stood up to place the book and leave. Just as I put the book down, one of the gardeners walked right to the front of the pavilion! So I stood in front of the book, fumbling in my purse while she walked past. Then I noticed someone else watching me. I judged the distance they were from me. If I left the book, would they assume I accidentally left something and call after me? Or worse--would they think I had left a package with evil intentions? I stood admiring the view (it's really lovely from the pavilion) and tried not to look suspicious. Finally I just left, planning to return after work to see if the book had been picked up.

5:30 p.m., August 4: I returned and walked around the garden to the pavilion. The book was still there! No! What was wrong with these people? Wasn't anyone curious enough to check it out? So I casually moved the book more towards the center of the pavilion bench and left again. 7:30 p.m., August 4: My husband and I returned to the Rose Garden on our way to dinner. Dangit! The book was still on the bench. Why hadn't someone picked it up? I decided to make another trip by on Thursday, and if it was still there then, I'd move it to another location. Then after midnight, severe thunderstorms rolled through Raleigh. I woke just hoping that your precious book hadn't sat there all night and been ruined by the rain. 12:45 p.m. Thursday, August 5: The book was gone! I hope that someone is enjoying it and lets you know how your book speaks to them.

~ Leigh

Thank you so much Leigh ~ I love the play by play!!