100 Books Project :: Colorado Springs

  The lovely Sharon Gunn McMahon had this to share about her journey with Book #88 in Colorado Springs:

Part One ~

Hi Christine! I have been so excited about getting to be a Book Fairy, and I love the cards you sent with the book, too! Thank you!!

I placed the book in my most inspiring location,then went on a family picnic.

After two hours it was starting to rain, so my daughter and I checked on it and it was still there, so we saved it from the rain. Someone had peeked inside the paper, but then left it.

SOOooo - I am waiting for another brilliant stroke of inspiration on where to leave it more successfully... Thank you for letting me be a part of this project!

Part Two ~

So - after much soul searching and locale-exploring I was at the library.  They had a lovely art show going on in the gallery.  I enjoyed the art and then was struck by a sudden urge - a feeling that this was the place to leave the 88th book from the 100 Books Project.

I set the book on a bench, took a couple of pictures, and left hoping and praying that the "right person" would be along shortly.  Hopefully we will hear something soon!

Thank you Sharon! I imagine the book found a place in someone's home pretty quickly!