100 Books Project :: Minnesota


[Book #89 was taken care of by Book Fairy Pam Welter in Chaska, Minnesota, and her story is below. Thank you Pam!!]

Hi Christine,

I had so much fun being a Book Fairy!  I imagined myself with wings flitting about and looking for a spot to leave this book that would add a sparkle to someone's day.

The words at the beginning of your book "...in an open place with light and air" guided me to choose the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum as my location. It is where I searched for your book before I found out there was not a Minnesota Book Fairy yet and I would be the lucky person to have that job!  The gardens and forests of the Arboretum are enchanting.

I made the book drop on a festive fall day.  There was a book sale going on inside - 22,000 books had been donated and lots of book lovers were on the premises.  There were whimsical Scarecrows on Parade as well as a Pumpkin Palooza.  Leaves were golden and fluttering to the ground.  A perfect atmosphere!

A scarecrow named STARZ with a glittering outfit and a giant star wand caught my fairy eyes.  Next to her was a bench lined with pumpkin gourds.  I knew this was the magical place to leave your gift.

I placed the package on the bench and went into the gift shop. About 40 minutes later, it had been taken.  I thought I saw STARZ shining even brighter!

Mission accomplished and stardust wishes for whoever found it!

Blessings to you, Christine, for your gracious spirit.  You are a shining star!

~Pamela Welter