100 Books Project :: Paris

{Book #90 was placed in Paris, France by Book Fairy Tara Bradford.}

I guess this means the final countdown of stories for the 100 Books Project has officially begun. Only ten more stories to post, and then I'll be able to say, "That's a wrap!"

Tara's story - Part One:

"Since I met Christine in 2008 in San Francisco - and took home one of her gorgeous paintings - I've been a fan. It was a treat to spend time with her in Jordan earlier this year and witness a book fairy episode firsthand at the Amman Amphitheatre. So when Christine asked me to be her Paris book fairy, of course I was thrilled!

My first thought was to take it to the Louvre Pyramid. But the guards may have viewed it as a security issue and every time I planned to go, it rained. On Saturday morning I went to Le Palais d'Iena, the beautiful Greek-revival rotunda by Auguste Perret, which houses the Conseil Economique Sociale et Envrionnemental. The bronze statue seemed like the ideal place for Christine's book to catch the eye of a discerning passer-by. Hope the lucky finder enjoys Christine's book as much as I have!"

~ Tara Bradford, August 2, 2010

Part Two:

I am the tiniest bit heartbroken to say this, but I accidentally deleted the email I received from the person who found Book #90! But I did receive an email and perhaps I will stumble upon it the next time I go on one of my email organizing rampages and I’ll say, “Oh ~ there you are!”

In the meantime, this email popped into my box last November, and it gave me a huge smile:

Hi there!

I just wanted to let you know that I have received one of your books and it is #30. I had my eye on this book for a little while and it was on my Amazon wish list. I actually got one from the used section and when I received it the book was like brand new. When I saw the sticker in the book explaining about the 100 books you sent out into the world, it triggered the memory of my having read this concept of yours in one of my art magazines put out by Stampington Company. So I was thrilled to have actually received one. And the book is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Thanks alot

Julie, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Book #30 was originally left in downtown San Francisco by Book Fairy Kate Swoboda, so it looks like whoever found it decided to sell it on Amazon, and it ended up being sent to Julie, who had read about the 100 Books Project right here. In other words, it ended up going exactly where it was supposed to.