Mary Anne Radmacher :: Celebrating the Door to Change

I am excited and honored to introduce today's Guest Blogger ~ Mary Anne Radmacher. I have written about her on numerous occasions, most notably on a Five Things entry devoted entirely to her inspirational goodness. I sometimes have to pinch myself over the fact that I've developed connections with women who inspired me for years before we met. Meeting and getting to know Mary Anne has been one of the greatest joys I've experienced in this regard, as she is a woman who lives - day in and day out - according to her values, beliefs, and ideals. Mary Anne's latest book is Live With Intention:  Rediscovering What We Deeply Know, and if you haven't seen it yet, enter a comment for today's post for a chance to win one of two copies available for a Give Away. All comments entered through this Friday, February 25th will be in the drawing, and two winners will be announced next Monday.

And now ~ drum roll please ~ the magnificent Mary Anne Radmacher...

Many of us march through life announcing we want control, don’t take well to change, and don’t like surprises. This is a formula for continual struggle. The soil of struggle is the playground for change. And if you’ve ever seen a single flower blooming in a crack it has pushed through cement—or a wildflower blossoming in the snow—then you know life is full of surprises. A promotion. Children losing their lives before their parents. A gift delivered unexpectedly. An unkind word. Surprises are like licorice: they come in many different colors.

I celebrate seeing the door to change. Seeing the opportunity helps me be less resistant to it. Viewing myself as a perennial student informs me that I have so much to learn. I used to listen to anyone saying almost anything, nodding my head and asserting, “I know. I know.” I was seeking the stamp of approval for already knowing what they were trying to tell me. I have come to recognize the value of not knowing. Of listening to words and wondering, even if they are familiar, if I can hear something new in their lyrics. I am breathless, too, at the door of change swinging open and hitting me on the nose. I keep my eyes on that door—so I can happily walk toward it and help it open.