No Hats Were Actually Harmed in This Video

[vimeo w=500&h=375]

Hip Hop Garlands from Christine Mason Miller on Vimeo.

This past June, when the Garlands spent their first few days back in the states at our house, we were treated to an impromptu backyard rap concert by Ellie, Jack, and Benjamin. Benjamin is not only United Airlines's future head menu coordinator, but also the one who asked my husband if he liked to dance and proceeded to point to the top of his head and exclaim, "Because that's dancing hair!"

I would like you to take special note of what happens when Benjamin tosses off his hat ~ who goes after it? Because mere seconds after our standing ovation, all hell broke loose:

Hip Hop Garlands: The Aftermath from Christine Mason Miller on Vimeo.

Once Benjamin's shrieks alerted us to his distress, we took immediate action, and retrieved his hat intact.