It's True


I met Jenny Doh for the first time at Squam Art Workshops in 2009. She was the keynote speaker, and an all-around positive, inspiring force throughout the entire weekend. Jenny launched less than a year later, and it has been a wonderful experience to watch the way she took a simple yet potent idea - that ART SAVES - and ran with it. I feel a special sense of kindred spirit-ness with Jenny, as we share a passion for working hard, dreaming big, and finding unique ways of creative expression in small details. She is a consummate professional and I am honored to know and work with her.

It is a special privilege to be a part of the extraordinary circle of creative souls Jenny has assembled for Art Saves: ย Stories, Inspiration and Prompts Sharing the Power of Art. This book is a beautiful collection of stories that all attest to the power of art during times of healing, transition, disappointment, and even mundane moments. It is about the power of opening our hearts, trusting our intuition, and tapping into the creative goldmines within us to make meaning of our experiences.

Let yourself be inspired by these twenty astounding examples of the Truth that Art does, indeed, SAVE. Get your own signed copy right here, and then take a gander at all the other juicy goodness at

"Listening to others and to oneself takes courage. Because when you listen, you sometimes find that the direction you ought to take with your life needs to shift, even if such a shift is risky. In the midst of enjoying success in the magazine publishing world, Jenny listened to her heart and made the leap to found, a site that facilitates the telling of heartfelt stories about the power of art. This has been one of the most courageous moves sheโ€™s made, one that she hopes will rally a critical mass within the creative community to increase compassion for those in need." ~excerpt about Jenny Doh from Art Saves