100 Books Project :: Washington, DC


{Book #91, left in Washington, DC by Book Fairy Denise Miller.}

Oh my STARS! There are still a few straggling stories from the 100 Books Projects! Here's a lovely one from Book Fairy Denise Miller, who took care of Book #91 in Washington, DC ~

Leaving a book in Washington, DC was not without it's challenges. As you can imagine security is tight everywhere. It's not an exaggeration that every week or so a building is cleared out or a road shut down because of "an unknown suspicious package." Every time I thought I had found an okay place to leave the book visions of the wrong type of person finding it would cause me to chicken out. I certainly didn't want to the be the book fairy that ended up causing you to have the FBI or worse show up on your door step! 
So, finally I found what I thought was a suitable location -- the National Geographic Building. Along with being the headquarters for the Society they also have exhibits. I adore Nat Geo and they happened to be having the most amazing Da Vinci exhibit at the time. On the morning I was leaving for Ireland, I stopped by and attempted to deposit the book. There were too many people milling about. I ended up dropping it off with a friend who made the actual drop the next morning.
Denise took Book #92 with her to Ireland...that story is up next! Thank you Denise!