100 Books Project :: Kinsale, Ireland


{Book #92, left in Kinsale, Ireland by Book Fairy Denise Miller}

After depositing a book in Washington, DC, Denise headed across the pond to Ireland with Book #92. Here's here story ~

The second book traveled across the pond to Ireland with me. It was so fun looking for a place to leave it without any worry of a bomb squad "detonating it as a precaution." I carried the book in my backpack and knew that when the perfect place presented itself I would just know and I did! Kinsale, is a charming seaside town in the county Cork. It's know for having amazing food and just exudes charm.
After having lunch with friends, which of course included a Guinness, I took a walk by the water. I spotted the bright red bench next to the colorful boats and thought it looked like the perfect location! So, I left the book on the bench and celebrated completing my mission by having honeycomb ice cream ... which is as delicious as it sounds.
Sounds perfect!

Christine Mason Miller

Santa Barbara, CA

Writer * Artist * Storyteller * Guide